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Food, made for you with love,
using wholesome, unrefined ingredients

Using unrefined flours and sugars makes me feel healthier, more alert, and less tired.  Over the years, as I changed my diet to eating more whole foods, my taste changed as well.  I prefer foods that are less sweet and have fewer spices with more punch.  Gluten free oats, almond flour, and nuts are staples in my pantry.  I use fruits and vegetables as sweeteners, and, when I need to step it up a bit, I use honey and maple syrup (maybe because I'm a beekeeper and my extended family is from the Maritimes?).  I started Dabbs of Goodness to share my favorite go-to foods with you.   

Most of the ingredients I use are gluten and dairy free (except Bits of Badness) and I can make substitutes or eliminate ingredients if you are allergic to a specific nut or another ingredient.  If in doubt, please ask me.

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