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Our honey is delicious, raw, and so good for you.  Rumour has it that if you eat local honey you will lower your seasonal allergy symptoms.  Rumour also says it's anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.  Regardless of rumour, our bees are so happy that they produce feel-good honey.

It's amazing health benefits come from the 181 distinct compounds it contains, including sugars, protein, amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  Another benefit is that raw honey is the one food that will never go bad.  Those bees are so smart, they produce the best food ever! 

Each honey extraction a unique flavour bouquet.

The colour and flavour of honey is determined from where they get their nectar.  Our beehive is located right in the middle of Calgary, so our bees get their nectar from local gardens, trees, and the river valley.

Honey 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Honey - Spring 2021 - 375 mL.JPG
Honey - Summer 2021 - 375 mL.JPG


2020 honey is a blend of all seasons, since we only had one extraction in the fall.  It is so good!  Our tasters said it tastes like cinnamon, fall, honeysuckle bushes, and of course my favorite, like peanut butter but with honey. 


Beautiful clear honey with notes of cinnamon.  Where did these cinnamon notes come from?  That's a question for the bees.


Our surprise batch, we did not expect to extract again until the fall.  This one is the darkest of the season with a more intense flavour.  Rumour has it that darker honey contains more nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Honey - Mid-Summer 2021 - 375 mL.JPG
Honey - Late Summer 2021 - 375 mL.JPG
Honey Creamed 2021 Vintage_edited_edited.jpg


Amazing bees!  Here we go again!  Such a versatile batch of honey.  Right between light and dark so lots of flavour but not too much to use as a sweetener.

Late Summer 

Is it because we sit by the hive and talk to them that they are so happy and productive?  The late summer honey is almost as light as the spring which is ideal for sweetening without adding intense flavours.

Creamed Honey
2021 Vintage

This is the first creamed honey that we have created and it is delicious.  We seeded it with our very first honey extraction from 2019 which magically turned to creamed honey on it's own.  Do we have magic bees?

Jar Sizes and How to Order Honey

JAR SIZES  We have a variety of regular sizes and occasionally random sizes

40 mL - This mini size is great for tasting...or putting in your pocket to take with you.

190 mL - A perfect hexagonal honeycomb shape.  Such smart bees to know that this shape holds the most honey.

212 mL - Our most popular gift jar.  It is a beehive shaped jar...with thousands of microscopic bees inside?

375 mL - It took approximately 556 bees to fill this jar of deliciousness.

750 mL - For those honey lovers who know that honey is the best sweetener in the world.

HOW TO ORDER a delicious jar of honey - send us an email and let us know which jar(s) you want and we will respond to arrange payment and pick up or delivery in Calgary, Alberta.  We don't typically ship our honey, but we absolutely can.

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