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This is not breakfast granola, this is pure granola candy! Once you start, just try to stop...

In ancient Greek myths, nectar is the drink of the gods and ambrosia is the food of the gods. Us mere mortals use the words nectar and ambrosia to describe something delicious, and this definitely falls into that category. The gods believed ambrosia would deliver longevity and immortality. That may be a stretch for these but they are a heavenly treat.


Made with low glycemic index coconut nectar and unsweetened unsulphured cherries. This is a sweet treat to nibble on that satisfies that afternoon craving.


Ingredients: sprouted gluten free oats (1,2), pecans, unsweetened coconut, unsweetened unsulphured cherries, coconut nectar, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, virgin coconut oil (1), cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, pure almond extract


1 - organic

2 - Non GMO

Coconut Nectar Ambrosia

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