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New Granola and Honey!

2022 Honey

It was a different year this year at the hive. We had so many bees that I had to give them more room. The bottom 2 large boxes are called brood boxes. That's where they lay eggs, raise new bees, and store honey and pollen for the winter. Every summer we add 2 extra smaller boxes on top of the brood boxes, these are called honey supers. We had so many bees this year that we had 3 honey supers on all summer.

With 3 supers, I think they thought the new larger hive was an invitation to stay at home. Even though they were flying in and out all summer, there were always so many inside. I think they were hanging out, socializing, and eating the honey in the honey supers. I don't know who made that decision, I'm not too sure about the new management in the hive. But, even though they guarded it well, we did manage to sneak some honey out. There are a few jars for sale in the Dabbs of Goodness shop.


New Granola

We are so excited about our new flavours!

Golden Turmeric - this is so yummy! The oats, nuts, and coconut flakes are coated with coconut oil that is infused with turmeric and star anise. Then we added barberries which are tart little red berries that are high in antioxidants and are said to have many other therapeutic benefits. This one is best with your milk of choice which brings out the flavours beautifully.

Salted Chocolate - a healthy version of chocolate cereal. Good for you with the feeling of having a treat. Cake for breakfast anyone? Have it with your milk of choice for the added benefit of feeling like a kid when the milk turns chocolatey.

Christmas Spice - it tastes like turkey dinner, without the turkey. Sweet potato, cranberries, pecans, and warm spices. So delicious!

And, for those who want to try a new flavour or have bags for travelling/hiking/snacking, try the taster pack. 3 x 100 g packages of your choice.

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